Delivery Information

1. Available dates of delivery vary for each suburb.

2. Delivery on the date selected is guaranteed unless no one is available to accept the order at the delivery address provided.

3. Deliveries will be made between 10:00am and 5:00pm on weekdays to all business addresses and between 10:00am and 7:00pm for residential addresses and weekend deliveries.

4. Delivery by a more specific time is only available by contacting Macarthur Balloons after check out. Additional VIP courier rates may apply.

5. Delivery to Businesses:
i. In some cases delivery will be made via reception, a loading dock, mail room or similar at the instruction of the company/building management. Macarthur Balloons takes no responsibility after delivery is accepted by building staff. Any delays thereafter are the fault of the internal mail system.
ii. If a recipient is unavailable the gift may be left with a colleague.

6. Delivery to Hospitals:
i. Macarthur Balloons will contact the hospital prior to delivery to check the patient is still admitted. If the patient has been discharged we will contact you for further instructions.
ii. If the patient is still admitted we will confirm the patient is permitted balloons. If balloons are not allowed we will contact you for further instruction.
iii. Macarthur Balloons takes no responsibility if a patient is discharged between the time of our enquiry and the arrival of your gift, or if we are supplied with misleading information by hospital staff. Please confirm the status of the recipient prior to placing your order.
iv. In the case that the recipient has been discharged prior to delivery of your gift we will contact you for instruction. Re-direction of your gift to an alternate address will incur additional delivery fees.
v. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to pay any additional delivery fees.

7. Delivery to Hotels:
i. Deliveries to hotel guests will be made care of the concierge, reception or front desk.

8. Delivery to Schools:
i. Deliveries to schools will be made via the main office or reception. Macarthur Balloons takes no responsibility for the gift after delivery is accepted by school staff. Any delays thereafter are the responsibility of the school staff.
ii. Not all schools permit gift deliveries to students. Please check school policy before ordering.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your delivery.